Installing ESXi Using vSphere Auto Deploy – Section 2
Jan 26, 2014

Auto Deploy Architecture – Section 2


The Auto Deploy infrastructure consists of several components as shown below.

vSphere Auto Deploy Architecture:

AutoDeploy Architecture - vSphere 5.1


Table 2 explains the function of each component of the Auto Deploy architecture:

Auto Deploy Server Serves images and host profiles to ESXi hosts. The Auto Deploy server is at the heart of the Auto Deploy infrastructure.
Auto Deploy Rules Engine Tells the Auto Deploy server which image profile and which host profile to serve to which host. Administrators use the Auto Deploy PowerCLI to define the rules that assign image profiles and host profiles to hosts.
Image Profiles Define the set of VIBs to boot ESXi hosts with.

  •   VMware and VMware partners make image profiles and VIBs available in public depots. Use the Image Builder PowerCLI to examine the depot and the Auto Deploy rules engine to specify which image profile to assign to which host.


  •   VMware customers can create a custom image profile based on the public image profiles and VIBs in the depot and apply   that image profile to the host.
Host Profiles Define machine-specific configuration such as networking or storage setup. Administrators create host profiles by using the host profile UI. You can create a host profile for a reference host and apply that host profile to other hosts in your environment for a consistent configuration.
Host Customization Stores information that the user provides when host profiles are applied to the host. Host customization might contain an IP address or other information that the user supplied for that host. Host customization was called answer file in earlier releases of Auto Deploy.




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