Mar 30, 2014

So, you are thinking about deploying Windows Server 2012 R2, but you are not sure what you are getting yourself into… Well, worry no longer, beacuse I have taken the top 10 features that you are going to want and documented them for you below. Keep reading before you thank me…    Desired State Configuration: […]

Mar 30, 2014

One of the areas that I get asked about on occassion has to do with IP addressing, specifically whether or not to use IPV6 addressing in production. Most of the networks that I work with do not actively use IPV6, and as a result, do not have an IPV6 management plan, or a set of policies […]

Mar 30, 2014

I spend alot of time with customers contemplating the ” good, the bad, and the ugly “. What I mean by that is that I help customers to understand what things can go right, and what things can go wrong, and in some cases very, very wrong, within their networks. The art and science of […]

Mar 15, 2014

I spend a lot of time talking to my customers about ” the cloud “. They have all sorts of questions about it, such as ” what is it? ” ” where is it? ” ” how do I/we access it? ” ” why do I / we need it? “, and so many more […]

Mar 15, 2014

Windows 8.1 Update 1 is on it’s way and you are going to want to see it here first, before you install it. The update should be available in early April, but I thought it would be a good idea to give you a preview of what to expect before you decide whether it will […]

Feb 28, 2014

Powershell …. what more do I need to say? You need it, you gotta have it, and if you are not already using it to manage your infrastructure, you are behind the times. Having said all that, lets take a look at what your future looks like with Powershell 4.0. Microsoft has released Windows Management […]

Feb 20, 2014

  I spend a lot of time working with customers on their SharePoint solutions. It seems like almost every question I am asked has something to do with a version of SharePoint and the ability to do something special and unique that may or may not be supported. The good news is that SharePoint is such a […]

Feb 17, 2014

  Deploying Office 2013 with SCCM 2012/R2 I am asked all the time while teaching SCCM classes “how do I deploy …. as an application package?” Until early 2013, that question centered primarily around Office 2010, but with the official release of Office 2013, followed by the standard nine to twelve month wait and see […]

Feb 16, 2014

In late October of 2013, Microsoft published the R2 System Center 2012 Configuration Manager release. I thought that I would put together a simple overview guide to help those of you looking to deploy this update. What will this posting help you to accomplish? A. If you are not sure about your SCCM architecture, and […]

Feb 16, 2014

I have recently been having a lot of conversations with customers about System Center in general, and SCCM in particular.  Most of my conversations have centered around understanding the capabilities of the SCCM product, as well as those of the entire System Center suite. In future posts I will be exploring various aspects of every […]


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