This is Cool and you need to read about it, NOW !!! ( Trust me )
May 07, 2014

It is not often that I get to write about something that is really cool, fun, and can help you out with all sorts of issues all at the same time, but this is definately one of those times.

I was recently invited to participate in producing content for ITProTV.

Most of you probably have no idea about ITProTV, what it is, and why you should care.

However, you should care, and I think that you are going to want to know all about it, and here is why:

ITProTV is: 

An Easy, Entertaining Approach to Online IT Training

IT certification preparation and IT training courses streamed live, with new course content every day. Watch us LIVE every day or access the full course library 24/7.

Easy, Entertaining and Affordable IT Training

ITProTV lets you learn wherever you go. With lessons streamed live every day, you can watch from your desktop, tablet, smartphone or via our dedicated Roku channel. Need more content? Affordable subscriptions give you access to our constantly expanding course library. With more than 30 hours of course material recorded live each week and a learning management system to track your progress, you’ll have plenty to keep you busy without being overwhelmed

A full guided tour, along with a FAQ section, a sample of the hands on virtual labs, the interactive, moderated Q&A community forums, practice exams, and the content itself can be seen by clicking on any of the listed item links below:

Give it a try, check out a free course, there are 7 of them currently available to demo, and see what you think.  ( free lessons are listed below ):


If you like it, and want to use the rest of the content, then have I got a deal for you:

Because I produced two courses worth of content for ITProTV, they have given me a promotional code for all of you to use if you want to sign up.


CODE:    adam30





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